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Rich's Link's

Have a look around. I hope you find something You like, Or at least something useful.

you are hear

~~~~~ PARTS / SERVICE ~~~~~

Manuals, service & owners. SAMS, Rider, NICE Folks.
Rf Parts Tubes,Caps, Books.
Antique Electronic Supply HUGH Supply. NICE Folks.
Transformers. You WILL find the ONE ya need!!!!
Bulk Parts lots of modern parts, IN BULK!!!!
New Parts. NTE on line.
International Crystal. Noth'n Beats Oklahoma Rock's!!
INRAD Filters & Fox Tango Info.
Norm's Rotor service. complete Parts & Service for CDE & Telex rotor systems..Norm offers an exchange program, check him out BEFORE you clime the tower....Reasonable prices...Quality service..NICE Folks.
Obsolete parts. one of my parts sources for obscure TTL & CMOS.
HEATHKIT PARTS: HW-SB-ETC...Bob has a HUGE selection to chose from.
Radio daze. lots of parts & Tools for vintage receivers, dont let the name fool ya..
Almost all digital electronics. Digital dials for DRAKE / HEATH / SWAN / COLLINS, ETC...
Caig labs. DeoxIT, the best contact cleaner for Vintage pots / switches / relays.

~~~~~ RADIO DEALERS ~~~~~
AES New & Used Ham Radio's & related gear.
Burghardt always has goodies.
Ham Radio Outlet, NEW and used Radio's,Mic's,accessories .
Associated radio New & Used Ham Radio's & related gear.
Universal Radio New gear, some times the best price's.
W0NKL's antique ham radio,CW Key's, Radio's & Hard to find part's,Mic's, older call book's, ARRL book's.
Link communications Home of the finest Repeater Controllers produced today, including some ACC support & service.
SWAP Pages Galore.

Marshall H. Ensor (9BSP / W9BSP) Museum one of the founding fathers of Amateur Radio in the U.S.A. If you are Visiting Eastern Kansas & enjoy Amateur Radio OR wood working this is a Must see.
Eham HELP for the New comer and ol' timer alike, Product reviews, news, help board's, lots of good folks and info.
E QSL FREE On line QSL service.
Yaesu FT1000MP Page Dedicated to the FT1000MP Enthusiasts Throughout the World by VA3CR. over 500Meg's of info on the FT1000MP series of radios INC the MARK V and FIELD. lots of good folks and info.
Yaesu Fox Tango Page Dedicated to Yaesu Enthusiasts Throughout the World by W4CLM. lots of info inc Manuals that are FREE to Down Load.
ICOM Service manuals FREE to Down load. very nice quality.
ICOM Replacement RAM Board INFO for IK2RND's replacement ram boards (IC 251/271 and others).
RF SAFETYCalculator on line.
Belden THE BEST Coax & cable Made!!!
US Tower.
ROHN Tower.
HUSTLER, antenna's.
JO GUNN Antenna's.
GAP Antenna's.
WM7D call sighn look upmatch the name to the call.
BIRD Watt meter's.
EIMAC When Only The Best Tube's will do.
PENTA Tube's.
Svetlana NEW Russian Tube's.
Ameritron HF Amplifiers. Reasonable Price, Good Quality.
Henry HF + Amplifiers.
Alpha HF Amplifiers.
ACOM HF amps.Builders of the alpha 91B
Command Technologies. HF + Amplifiers
Mirage VHF and Up amp's. Some of the Best!
ASTATIC Makers of the famouse D-104.
TELEX Rotor part's ETC.
YAESU Ham Radio's.
KENWOOD Ham Radio's, & service info link.
ICOM Ham Radio's.

~~~~~RELOADING E.T.C.~~~~~

Dillon on Line. Lots of Reloading Toys.
MIDWAY Parts, Slugs, E.T.C
BROWNELLS Parts,Tools for the care of your Firearm's.
SAVE Our gun rights. Lots of info.
FAC Mil surplus Kits.Mags, E.T.C.
Interordanance LP Importer & distributor of Military Firearms and accessories.
Black Jack buffersthe BEST buffers for your money.
cdnnsportslots of toys.
Red star armsadjustable FCG for your AK, and mis RSA aint bad either.
~~~~~ CLUBS ~~~~~
TEN-TEN Intl. ( 10 Meter club)
ARRL (Amateur Radio Relay Leage)